4 x 4 DRIVE

One of a kind ‘Experiences’ starts with the guests enjoying the 4x4 Safari from the base to the campsite of the Coorg Hills. Guests can get the adrenaline pumping from the jeep ride on the curving dirt road in Coorg Hills.


Tent Stay

Sunrise view among the mist filled hills are bountiful eye treat not to be missed by any guests during their stay in Cabana, Pyramid & Camp tents at Coorg Hills. Madikeri Town , Valley Views along with Mangalore Road are equally mesmerizing while sipping the favorite Coorg Coffee by your side. Three plunge pools are available for relaxing in the water after a tiring walks during the morning or Noon time.


Bon Fire

Chilling with family or friends by engaging in Bon/ Camp fire on a cold night atop Coorg hills is also one of the sought activity by the guests. Ala carte BBQ dinner are available with local produce grown in and around Coorg hills for your mouth lingering taste. Tropical juices, fruits and salads are also served based on request. Welcome drinks .Large Breakfast buffet and bottled mineral water are complementary for all the guests staying at Coorg Hills.


Adventure Spot

Hiking and Trekking the vast plantations surrounded by Coffee saplings, Citrus Trees, Pepper Wines , Rock Boulders, Wild plants, Shrubs , Flora Fauna is well cherished by adventure seeking natural lovers.