Coorg Hills

The Awesome Paradise On Earth

Indulge in Nature at the serene valley of Coorg. Live the way our ancestors enjoyed peacefully without harming the gifted nature . Welcome to the mesmerizing world of “Coorg Hills”!!!. Nestled in the hill -station of Coorg atop the Madikeri peak with heights of 1450 feet lies the bioscope of plantation filled with coffee trees, pepper vines, wild trees, orchids , agro farms , glamping sites and water pools. Coorg hills is a sustainable , ecological friendly property which offers a pure experience of nature unadulterated by pollution and artificial cluster phobic city dwellings. Valued guests can indulge in nature by glamping at tents, plantation walks, hike n trek while thoroughly enjoying 360 degree views of hill-locks , sunrise and sunset. Exotic BBQ dinner , Wide breakfast platter made from the local produce will be the treat for the guests visiting Coorg Hills. Situation in the Centre of Kodagu, Coorg Hills is easily accessible to all the tourists spots across the district from Malahill falls in the North, Nagarhole in the South, Talacauveri to the East and Dubare to the West.


Coorg is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka, a state in the southern part of India. This tiny hill station is blessed naturally with serene landscape comprising of hills, forests, rivers, water falls, coffee planation and many more. It is very well known for its culture , people and heritage paralleled with rich heritage of military and sports. It’s the largest producer of Coffee aptly known as “ Coffee Bowl of India”. Natural Honey, Pepper and Mandarins are also equally popular in the area


₹ 2,000 / per person
  • 24H
  • People:2+1
  • Coorg Hills

CABANA TENT (with attached bath and balcony)

Ultra luxurious stay with fully equipped beds suitable for couple for their honey moon or a family with extra beds . Attached functional bathroom with shower, mirror , wester toilet and 24 hrs. hot water facilities will make the guest stay “ Super comfortable”. Balcony with Panoramic view along with Plunge Pools are the highlight feature of the Cabana tents at Coorg Hills.

₹1,600 / per person
  • 24H
  • People: 2
  • Coorg Hills


Premium facilitated Pyrmid tents can accommodate 3 Pax Comfortably. Guests need to use the adjoining shared washroom and toilet during their stay @ Coorg Hills. Plung Pool access is complimentary.

₹1,200 / per person
  • 24H
  • People: 2
  • Coorg Hills


CAMPING Tents are for the guests who want to enjoy the shining stars under the beautiful sky while chatting with their friends/ siblings or relatives. Shared Washroom and toilet can be used by the campers


facts about coorg

4102Sq Kms Area
600,000 Population
18,00,000 Annual Tourists
15C Average Temparature
2,725.55mm Average Rainfall
63% Forest Coverage

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